About the Book

Have you ever wondered why the website of your bank or phone company is so broken and unusable?

Do you find yourself asking: “How this can be”? What is wrong with these people? Why can’t it just work?

Corporate IT departments are wasting billions of dollars on failed IT projects every year, and it has been this way for decades.

On top of that, consultants have extracted billions more from these companies with project management and methodology solutions that have quite obviously failed to make things any better.

This book, written by an insider with 30 years of experience in the trenches, explains the raw truth that corporate executives have been sweeping under the rug. With simple common sense explan­ations that cut through the typical gibberish that IT departments use to baffle and confuse, The Chaos Factory will explain in plain language how we got to the place where we are now, and what to do to make it better.

Business managers and shareholders alike will applaud this honest assessment that reveals the real root cause of IT project failure. They will be able to use the information contained in this book to protect themselves and demand better.